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Stephanie Halovanic is a writer and director based in New York City. After 8 years as a producer and copywriter in the ad industry at McCann New York, R/GA and &Walsh, she's now focussed on writing and directing commercial and video content for brands. She's currently in-house at Pinterest where she writes, directs and leads a talented creative team. 

When she's not working with brands, Stephanie's writing, directing and acting in the narrative world. Stephanie wrote and directed But Humble Sinners, a comedy about two foul-mouthed nuns who scam a cowboy for a coffin, which premiered at Austin Film Festival. She studies acting at HB Studios and is polishing off her first feature script called Penance—the story of little Jewish Maxine Meyerowitz discovering Catholicism and the sacrament of confession. 

She loves New York and thinks everyone can pull off a hat. 

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